IT Services for Charities and Non-Profit Organisations

We understand that running a charity or non-profit organisation offers its own unique set of challenges with smaller budgets that must go further.


Working with select IT Partners ProudGeek can offer a wide range of services to your charity or non-profit organisation at competitive rates allowing your budget to stretch further.


New and Refurbished Computers and Servers

We can provide a range of new and refurbished computers to meet your requirements.  If you’re looking for a basic desktop for office tasks, a slim and light notebook to take on the road or a business server we can provide a system to meet your needs and budget.  Computers can be supplied with either Microsoft Windows and Office or alternative free software such as Linux and LibreOffice.  Servers can be supplied with Microsoft Windows Server or alternatives such as Ubuntu Linux.


Google for Non-Profits (including business class e-mail and cloud storage)

Charities and non-profit organisations may be eligible for a Google for Non-Profits.  Google for Non-Profits includes G Suite for non-profits with business class e-mail from Google, 30GB of online storage per user and a range of useful tools such as Docs, Sheets and Slides which offer collaborative document editing in your browser and compatibility with Microsoft Office format documents.

We can assist in the migration of your existing e-mail to G Suite for Non-Profits and provide user management.


Charity IT Health Checks

As part of our Charity IT Health Checks we can check your IT infrastructure to ensure its running optimally.  We run a range of hardware and software checks on your computer, network and servers.  We can advise of any hardware or software upgrades that can help your IT infrastructure perform better and more reliably.


Virus Removal

We can remove viruses, adware, spyware and toolbars from your computer.


Backup Solutions

Your data is important.  We can provide backup solutions so your important documents and other data is securely backed up to protect you in the event of a hardware or software failure.


Desktop and Laptop Repairs

We offer a repair service for desktop and laptop computers.  Common repairs include replacement hard disks, power supply replacement and screen replacement.  We will provide an estimate for the cost of repair before any work is carried out and advise if the repair isn’t economical to perform.


Internet (Voice Over IP) phone systems

Working with select partners we can provide Internet based “VoIP” or “Voice Over IP” phone systems for lower cost phone calls or free calls between extensions (even if they’re in different locations).  Using a VoIP phone handset or suitable smart phone app you can be reached anywhere with an Internet connection for the cost of a local call (even when you’re abroad).


Broadband and Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Are you having problems with your broadband or Wi-Fi?

We can help diagnose issues, supply replacement equipment or speak to your Internet provider on your behalf to help get issues resolved.


Remote Support

If you’ve got a small issue that can be resolved remotely we offer a low cost remote support service where some issues can be resolved without a technician visiting.


Charity IT Support Contracts

We offer bespoke Charity IT Support contracts to meet your requirements and budget.  Support contracts can be tailored to cover your entire IT infrastructure.

To find out more or to book an appointment please call 01803 500199 or e-mail